Relationship building techniques

"Personal relationship/s are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows."--Ben Stein

When I was a child, my definition of a relationship was very simple. As most children, I always felt I had many friends to play with. Every evening when I went to the playground, I realised that my friends were waiting for me before they started any game. I was always a part of the game deciding session too. I was really so happy that they waited for me and termed them my best friends. 

Slowly as I started to grow up with them, in my high school, I became closer at an emotional level. The adolescent age really is a tough nut to crack and that time is definitely made easier with the cushioning of my best friends. Everything was going very good until we finished school.  A relationship changes along with time.

Time for College

It was time for college and all of us selected majors of our choices. It was very exciting that we were going to college and its our first step of freedom. Few of us moved out of our city and went to colleges outside. All of us had promised each other that we will meet atleast once every month. When I was in my first year, we met 4 times which is once on 3 months. I used to be very excited to meet my school friends initially and share our stories. Slowly I started making new friends which made meeting my old friends once a year. This even increased the gap in phone calls and slowly the emotional connect started to fade. 

Increased Distance

Then came the stage where we finished our college and started to work. Few of us decided to study further and went abroad. I was in a different city in India and was very busy studying, working, and with my internships & projects. It was that time when suddenly  I felt I am not in touch with anybody from my school/ college. 

Eventhough I was aware of what was going on in their lives through social media, I felt I personally haven’t spoken to them in many years. That was the point I realised the importance of maintaining a relationship. I picked up the phone and spoke all my friends on the same day and even managed to meet them in the following couple of months.

The Ultimate Secret of Relationship Building

Maintaining a relationship is very essential in anyone’s life. Are you also out of touch with your friends like I was? are you are feeling that you are too busy in your life and are unable to maintain your long time relationship? Do you feel your work-life balance is taking a toss and are unable to ensure you keep in touch with your loved ones? The one solution for all this is definitely to take a conscious effort in order to maintain relationship, regularly staying in touch with your kith and kin. There is no success without your loved one around. Relationship are meant to be maintained….  

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