How to pull off the 6 most difficult Men’s Tshirt colours!

Most fashionistas say this about a man’s closet: “You needn’t bother with a ton of alternatives, they simply need the correct choices.” And generally, we’re slanted to concur.

In spite of what most rappers and celebrities would have you trust, it’s the basic: beautiful pieces worn right that make you emerge. Which is the reason most people could have a closet loaded with as few as 19 tshirts and still be viewed as the best dressers.

It is very simple: some Tshirts colours make you look fat, some make you look dark, while some just make you look girly. We have come out with tips to overcome this issue which will help you broaden to horizon in colours and try the Pinks and Purples too! Here are the 6 common colours that tough to pair with the right trousers/format of jeans



The most common colour that has image to be girly. But guys its high time we come out that shell and try pink as an options! I know it tough for a lot of people to accept pink as a choice! Just read through- may be we can convince you. Pink needs to be paired with the right trouser for it to look classy. Always an English gives an elegance and class to your look. Pair the pink TShirt with brown, blue, blakc or white trouser/jeans to make it look  trendy, You can also pair it with a hat as a holiday beach outfit with printed shorts.


Brown TShirt is again a tricky colour, may be not as tricky as pink because this colour is tough only for a few skin shades. The style tip that we recommend for the ones who feel they cannot pull off Brown- Pairing options for the brown Tshirt are Black Printed Trouser, White Trouser, Beige plain or printed Trouser/ Jeans, ripped jeans (Blue or black). It always goes better when paired with a rapper cap (the cricket cap that will make you look cool). Aviators are preferred with brown TShirts (but again that’s based on your face’s shape). You can ever try them with a pair of wayfarers!



Orange is a very summer colour that makes you look bright. But there are shades of orange that make you look sober too. For example a burned orange colour will go on a person with any skin colour. Orange Tshirts look best when paired with White jeans (ripped mainly). Orange will also pair up excellently with a pair of “wood” brown trousers. The safer bet is always pair an Orange Tshirt with beige trousers/ black jeans. The typical dark blue ripped jeans and a round neck Tshirt with a jacket (sober colour) will also go with this tricky colour.


Green has always been a safe colour! That’s right you read it right Green has been. You might be wondering then why is this colour in the list. Well guys, certain shades of green is still tough to pull off. For example most people feel that an olive or bottle green Tshirt is always easier to pull off than a mint green or any other lighter green shade.

Well the truth is- every light shade is equally tough is some form or the other. Pair a green TShirt with traditional Blue Jeans (Light and/or dark). It can be plain or ripped. Another well known combination is beige and black. A Brown trouser is catching up these days with a shade of green TShirt and a pair of canvas shoes gives an extremely stylish look. If you add a pair of shades to complete this look then you will definitely be facing eye contacts from the ladies!!! Try out this look TODAY!


Another tough colour which can a girl aura around it! Trust us when we say this- this feeling that purple is a girls colour is very 90s. This is an era of experimenting and with the right pair of bottom wear and shoes you can always rock this shade!

Acing purple is very simple. If your shade is on the lighter side then pair this colour with brighter trousers like white or lemon yellow checked trousers.

If your shade is on the darker side- this colour will suit you best with a beige, black or navy blue bottom wear.A Little secret about purple is that it goes perfect with a charcoal grey  3/4th pants.

Always pair this colour with brown shoes or sports wear.


Yellow is always associated with spring and summer season for its brightness. Again like every other colour yellow has its combination issues. Yellow is invariably a bright colour and hence unless you have the confidence to pull off a bright look- it’s always safe to pair yellow with dull bottom wears. Right form a traditional jeans to a brown Trouser/ a beige trouser, this tshirt will make you look super classy! You can also pair this Tshirt with a sexy blazer to increase your style quotient.

I hope you are now ready to rock and roll all the colours like a PRO! All the best enjoy this summer season to experiment new shades that you never knew you can pull off!! Happy Shopping!!!

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