5 Steps to figure out if your Tshirt is of good Quality!

There is nothing C.A.S.U.A.L. about them Anymore!

Tshirts are longer casual! They have started to become  style statement that can fit in anywhere!

Going to the gym? wear a Tshirt!

Going to  eat out? Wear a Tshirt!

Going to party? Wear a Tshirt!

confused what to wear? Wear a Tshirt!

This is the current situation in our fast paced lives! Nobody has the time to think about what to wear always! (unless you have a stylist with you 24*7).


Off late there are so many players in the market with printed Tshirts, Plain TShirts, Overalls etc…etc…

Amongst all this how do you decide who is providing genuine products that will not have holes in them after one wash?

Dont worry! Pakka Local Ideas is making it easy for you with just 5 steps to figure out how a TShirt if of good quality!

  1. There is a reason why cheap TShirts are cheap!

The quality of a TShirt cannot be attained in a certain price unless the company is facing losses and providing a good quality TShirt at a low price

2. Thick Tshirts are not always Good quality TShirts!

Thickness of a TShirt doesnt always determine its quality. The tighter the weave is, the longer the garment will last. Unlike what most think, this doesn’t  mean a heavier T-shirt. It is the density of the fabric that matters, not its weight or thickness. The best way to do this is to hold the tshirt against Light and see how transparent the tshirt is!

3. Cotton is always better! Again- Not Always!

When it comes to fine quality T-shirts, people surely agree that more cotton is always the better. We also mostly recommend 100% cotton garment because prints looks better on them when compared to other Tshirt materials. That again doesnt mean that 100%cotton Tshirts will always be right! Since a cotton tshirt soaks sweat- imagine your tshirt soaked in your sweat in an hour on a humid day or during your sports practise!

4. Touch and Feel!

The easiest test is to simply touch your Tshirt. A Tshirt with fine quality will never feel like plastic. If the fabric feels soft but still gives a firm feel, then there is a chance that the tshirt is a good quality material. 

5. Instinct!

Even after all this is right and you still feel the print is not good- try and avoid the purchase! 

The biggest problem again in all this is- how do you buy a tshirt online because not all these points be done online!

The easiest trick to do that is-

read the description! most of the times the description has details and ensure you make an informed purchase!

Hope this article clears your doubts atleast a little bit! Happy Shopping guys!

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