10 Colours Trending this Summer

Shades of Summer

Trends always have two poles- one is the vibrant type with bright colours and patterns and the other is the subtle yet classy colour- pattern set. TShirt colours often matter along with the style. Tshirts are majorly selected due to three reasons (in the order of priority) 

  •  Colour and colour combination
  • Design/ pattern of the TShirt
  • Fitting

Colour & Colour Combinations

Colours are very essential and they vary from person to person and season to season! As mentioned in the previous article pulling off colours is not at all tough if the combinations and accessories are right! Hence selection of colours with these tips is a lot easier. But there is always a colour for the occasion as a barrier!! Have you ever felt that you look very different from the others in a gathering or a party? Apart from many other factors dressing to the occasion in the right colour is very essential. 

For example, a morning colour is different from a night colour or a winter colour is different from a summer colour! Summers always demand bright colours!

Lets take a look at what are those colours that make you and your wardrobe brighter this summer!

  1. Lavender: had always dominated the summers. It is a unique combination of romance and elegance, you can wear it on a masculine suit or a light garment that gets billowy with every step. Try them with White trousers!
  2. Purple: A hybrid colour with a mysterious nature and truly a colour of summer. ‘Experiment’ is the word. Try with multiple colour bottom wear and experiment to find out what suits your style the most.
  3. Rose/Light Pink: a full, princess-like, intense pink shade. This is again a tricky colour but extremely elegant if pulled off right! Always try light elegant colours with lighter bottom-wear to make it look bright or wear dull/ everyday bottom wear to make it look classy!
  4. Sky blue: a fresh colour that reflects the sky. It’s great in a casual and formal wear. Suits all tones and ages! Best Cricket Colour too!
  5. Light green: green is back also for summer 2019, this time with a delicate and fresh nuance. Try colours like Mint Green from the pastel genre. 
  6. Military green: Often ‘breaks’ elegant and/or sporty looks on military style pieces. Can be very classy this summer season
  7. Milk white: a full, warm hue. Nothing can beat white, cooler and cyber-like colour that is a universal colour suiting all occasions. Pair with any colour- it will  blend so smoothly- although thought a combination thought needs to be given
  8. Chocolate brown: brown is back on the runway. Intense and enveloping, it will impossible to resist this shade, just like it’s impossible to resist a chocolate praline
  9. Yellow:  A vibrant, energising tone of yellow.  And yellow’s comeback for 2019 is strictly connected to purple, its complementary colour
  10. Tomato red: a totally bold, entrancing hue.

We will discuss the remaining two points in the forthcoming articles. Stay tuned and stay stylish!

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